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Rabbi Kahn has been teaching and inspiring Jews of all backgrounds for well over three decades. He studied under the renowned talmudic genius, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveichik for six and a half years. Rabbi Kahn received his Rabbincal Ordination in 1972 from the sage and halachic authority of the generation, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Rabbi Kahn graduated from NYU with an MBA after receiving his B.A. from CCNY.

In 1981, he founded the Center for Return in order to bring Jewish college students closer to Judaism. Author of numerous scholarly articles on Torah topics, Rabbi Kahn also published an original commentary on the Passover Hagaddah.

Rabbi Avrohom Dov Kahn

The greatest challenge facing American Jewry today is neither economic nor political; it is a question of identity.

Jews in America continue to disappear in every census because they don’t know what it means to be Jewish – so why bother. The average American Jew has no conception of: what is written in the Bible; what the holidays are all about; what the basic philosophy and theology of Judaism teaches nor even a conception of the depth and breadth of 3300 years of Jewish learning. In essence, we are functionally illiterate about our own religion.

Jews in America are not leaving Judaism; most have never had the pleasure of being part of it. Judaism has been hidden from American Jewry.

The definition of Judaism is the relationship between God and the Jewish nation. At Mount Sinai, God gave the Jewish nation a manual encompassing the covenant between them. That manual was the Torah. A Jew without the Torah has no way to relate to God and in short order, will find himself assimilating into the prevailing culture.

Center for Return attempts to educate Jews about God and the Torah, giving them the basic foundation of Judaism, thereby allowing them to develop their relationship with the Creator.

Over the past three decades, Center For Return has educated thousands of young men and women both on the college campus and in the workplace. In the coming years we hope, with the help of the Almighty, to do much more.

Welcome to Center for Return. It will be a pleasure studying Torah together.

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