How to Get Started in Judaism:

A Manual for the Beginner (Web Edition)

A manual for the Jew who wants to explore Judaism

by Avrohom D. Kahn and Shlomo Zalman Satanovsky

CFR Publications © Copyright, 2013


Dedicated to: Stanley and Ellen Wasserman



Clickable Table of Contents:


Questions You Have (That We Will Address In This Book)


Stage I: "Just Thinking About It"


Chapter 1: Why Am I Reading This?

Chapter 2: Why Do I Need This Manual?

I. Popular Conceptions About Jews and Judaism

II. A Jewish Quiz

III. Evaluating the Results

Chapter 3: Am I Loosing My Marbles, Or What?

I. Religion and Mental Health

II. Emotional Strains of Becoming Observant

III. Difference Between Judaism and a Cult

IV. "Torah Judaism" Key to a Well Balanced Personality

V. Torah Judaism, The Best Kept Secret You Certainly Want to Know About

VI. The Answer to This Chapter's Question

Stage II: “Preliminaries in Your Exploration of Judaism”


Chapter 4: Where Do I Begin?

Chapter 5: What is a Rebbe?

Chapter 6: How Fast Should I Go?

Stage III. “Getting Serious – Experiencing Judaism for Yourself”


Chapter 7: What Books And Materials Are Available For Me?

Chapter 8: Jewish Geography: Places To Visit, People To See, & Moments To Experience.

I. The Land Of Israel

II. A Yeshiva

III. A Yeshiva for you, the Beginner

IV. Synagogue

V. Every Place Else

VI. The Important People In Judaism (Who To Meet)

VII. Shabbos: Judaism Illuminated

VIII. The Holidays

IX. A Jewish Wedding

Stage IV: “Getting It All Together”


Chapter 9: How Will This Affect My Career?

Chapter 10: Social Life: A Surprising Assessment

I. Friends

II. Dating

Chapter 11: Parents And Family: Am I In Or Out?

Stage V: “Some Words of Encouragement”



Case Histories

Organizations To Contact

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