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CFR Annual Raffle

 LAST YEAR'S (2019) WINNER: Shimi Muehlgay

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The CFR Annual Raffle is a once yearly fundraising campaign in which contributors buy numbered tickets for the chance to win an exciting $20,000 cash prize. It has been held consecutively for the last thirty years.

This year's Raffle drawing took place at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17th 2019, at a delicious barbecue to which all Raffle purchasers are invited: RSVP required.

At this time the Center’s Board of Trustees allows only a maximum of 1,500 tickets to be sold for a purchase price of $100 per ticket.

We offer you, however, two ways to increase your chance to win:

1. Multiple Ticket Discounts:

You can purchase a larger number of tickets for a discounted price:

3 tickets for $250
7 tickets for $500
15 tickets for $1,000

2. Early Bird DrawingPay for your raffles in advance (by Tuesday June 11, 2019) and be entered in the Early Bird drawing for a chance to win an additional ten free raffle tickets.

On the day of the drawing we perform three separate checks to ensure the integrity of the drawing:

1. A check by stub number;
2. A check by name of purchaser and amount pledged or paid;
3. A check by physically placing each stub in the raffle drum one by one.

All three checks are verified by an independent observer.

The drawing then takes place at the CFR Bayit amid great fanfare and a delicious barbecue. A prominent member of the community is asked to do the drawing while blindfolded. The raffle winner is then notified by phone.

For the sake of full transparency, all stubs that were in the drum are mailed to their respective purchasers to further verify that they were actually in the drawing.

The Annual Raffle Campaign has an extremely low overhead, making it highly cost effective.

Active participants may also choose to become sales captains.

Last updated on: 10/24/2020
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