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About CFR

What are the goals of Center for Return?

     Center for Return’s goal is to educate Jews about Judaism.

Why was CFR established?

     As a response to the great ignorance in the American Jewish community about Judaism.

How long has CFR been in operation?

     Since 1981 – that’s 31 years!

What does your by-line, “Your Personal Guide to Exploring Judaism”, mean?

     Center for Return prides itself in being able to customize a program for each of its members (if they so wish) in their exploration of Judaism.

     We will guide and coach members to get them to the level of Judaism they desire.

Who is Center for Return’s target population?

     Any Jew, regardless of their affiliation or level of observance.

Which geographic area does Center for Return service?

     Manhattan & Jersey City.

What has been the response to CFR’s outreach work?

      Great! Take a look at the following comments: (Click here) Testimonials

Who runs CFR?

     CFR founders are Rabbi Avrohom Dov Kahn and his wife Rebbetzin Miriam Kahn; Our Executive Director is Rabbi Akiva Schutz. There are dozens of volunteers and part-time staff members who make possible all the classes, programming and events run by the Center.

Is CFR affiliated with Chabad or any other organization?

     No. CFR is totally independent and not tied to any other organization.

     For individual events we may partner with organizations like Gateways; Project Inspire; The Orthodox Union; Touro College; various synagogues and yeshivas, and others. These partnerships are only undertaken when CFR deems it beneficial to our members.


Ongoing Classes

How does Center for Return educate Jews about Judaism?

     By:   Giving weekly TorahLunch classes at workplaces throughout Manhattan and Jersey City

            Running a full yearly calendar of events including “hands-on” Judaism

            Pastoral counseling and coaching by the CFR Rabbinic staff

            Online forums


            A free lending library for the beginner to Judaism.

What can I expect at a CFR TorahLunch class?

     A group of Jews, from diverse backgrounds, who are serious about exploring their Judaism

     A knowledgeable and engaging lecturer

     A light lunch (please bring your own drink)

     A pleasant, and hopefully, an inspiring experience.

What is taught at CFR classes?

     Typically the focus is on the Torah portion of the week

     Basic Jewish history, philosophy, theology and Torah law

     Discussion of the background and significance of an upcoming Jewish holiday, its practices and customs

     Whatever the lecturer feels will enhance the group’s understanding and appreciation of Torah Judaism.

How do I enroll in a CFR TorahLunch class?

     Call our office at 718-849-6787 to register and for a brief telephone interview

     No walk-ins will be accepted at CFR classes or events.

Who teaches CFR Classes?

     CFR classes are taught by experienced and knowledgeable lecturers who make thousands of years of Jewish wisdom accessible to class participants. (For a full listing of lecturers click 'Teaching Staff’ on the ‘Ongoing Classes’ tab above.)

Is lunch served at the classes?


What type of lunch is served at the classes?

      We generally serve a light lunch of turkey salad with croutons and dressing. (Please bring your own drinks.)

Do I need some Jewish studies background to attend the classes?

     Absolutely not!

     Center for Return educates Jews about Judaism, regardless of their background or level of observance.

I am not interested in becoming religious. May I still attend CFR classes and programs?

     Absolutely, yes. We would be delighted if you would gain some new Jewish knowledge and/or inspiration at our classes.

Are there CFR classes in other places besides Manhattan?

     Not really. We do have a class in Jersey City and would consider starting classes in other locales if there is enough interest and a large enough core group to make it worthwhile.

Why don’t you list the addresses of your classes?

     We do not allow drop-ins.

     Prospective class participants must call our office for a telephone interview so we are comfortable they will be suitable for the class and the class suitable for them. (Call 718-849-6787)

     There are also building security issues which must be considered.

May I bring a friend to CFR classes and programs?

     Absolutely, Yes.

     Please Note: As we do not allow drop-ins, your friend must call our office in advance for a telephone interview and to register.

Can I start a CFR class at my workplace?


     We would consider starting a new class if there is enough interest and enough of a core group to make it viable.

How do I do this?

     Start by calling our office at 718-849-6787.

Are there separate classes for men and women?

     No. All classes and programs are open to both men and women.

May women wear pants to CFR classes and programs?

      Absolutely, Yes.


Featured Programs

Does CFR have any other programs besides the TorahLunch classes?

     Yes – many events.

     Events like: Ask the Rabbi; Barbeque at the Bayit; Challah Baking Workshop; Chanukah Party; Latke Bash; Crash Course in Hebrew; Deeper Mind Seminar - problem solving, teamwork, communication and creative thinking; Dinner and Discussion @ the Rabbi’s; Gateways 'Introduction to Judaism' Retreat; Hebrew Tutorials; Hike with CFR; Lag Ba’Omer Torah  - Hike; Annual Journal Dinner; Jewish Parenting Seminar; Matzoh Baking; Melava Malka; Annual Membership Meeting; Mishloach Manos Madness; Model Passover Seder; One-on-1 Learning; Purim Feast; Barbeque at our Annual Raffle Drawing; Shabbaton at the Bayit; Succah Party at the Bayit; Yeshiva-Lite.

 Does CFR provide opportunities for its participants to socialize?

     Yes. At all our classes and events.


Make a Gift

What is the fee to attend CFR TorahLunch classes?

     There is no fee for any of our classes, programs or activities.

Does CFR have membership fees/dues?


     However, 95% of our budget is covered by contributions from current and past members.

     It is a fundamental Jewish principle that every person is required to tangibly express appreciation and gratitude for anything they benefit from. Following this principle, we do expect those who benefit from our efforts, to contribute to our fundraising campaigns at whatever level they personally can afford.

Who funds CFR?

     CFR is a totally independent, self-funding organization. 95% of our budget is covered by contributions from current and past members.

What fundraising campaigns does CFR run during the year?

     We run a midyear Raffle with a $20,000 cash prize, the winning ticket is drawn at our gala BBQ every July 4th.

     We also have an Annual Awards Dinner in early December.

Am I expected to contribute to the fundraising?

     Yes. (But obviously, not from the first moment you meet us!)

     If you have been benefiting from CFR classes and programs, there is an expectation you will contribute to the best of your ability.

Do you get a good “bang for your buck” contributing to CFR?

      YES!   If you’re donating, you’re probably a participant - so it’s a direct benefit to you.

               The Center’s finances are totally transparent with less than 10% of the budget used for non-outreach activities.

Is CFR a not-for-profit organization?

     Yes. CFR is a 501 (c)(3) public charity.

How can I donate to CFR?

     Call our office at 718-849-6787 and we will give you the options without any pressure whatsoever. If you wish to donate without calling our office, click on the ‘Make a Gift’ tab above.


Media Gallery

Can I see any of the Center’s activities online?

     Yes. Click on the ‘Media Gallery’ tab above



Contact Us

Where are the Administration Offices of CFR located?

     85-35 117th Street, Richmond Hill (Queens) NY 11418

Does CFR have a weekly bulletin?


     We send out an email newsletter before every Sabbath. It contains a thought from the weekly Torah portion, CFR news and pictures of CFR events and other interesting articles.

How can I subscribe?

     Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘Request to Subscribe’ in the subject line and your name & phone number.

How can I re-subscribe if I unsubscribed?

     Send an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘Resubscribe’ in the Subject line and we’ll send you an email with a button that will enable you to resubscribe to our CFR Weekly Parsha email list.

How can I contact Center for Return?

     There are four ways to contact us: By phone at 718-849-6787; by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or through the Contact page on our website at www.CenterforReturn.ORG; or fax us at 718-847-8669

Last updated on: 10/24/2020
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