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CFR relies on the generosity of donors - like you.

All our programs and events are offered at no charge. An investment in Center for Return is an investment for a vibrant Jewish future. Large or small, your contribution to CFR makes a difference.

Become a partner with CFR. Your generosity allows us to enhance and expand our activities and ensure that college students and professionals have access to Jewish knowledge that empowers them with the beauty and depth of our tradition.


Annual Journal Dinner:

Participation may include: making a reservation, placing an ad in the journal, becoming a host and inviting your personal contacts, purchasing dinner raffles, and donating prizes toward the dinner raffle. Active participants may also choose to help administrate the dinner campaign.

Annual Raffle:

Purchase raffle tickets for a $20,000.00 winner-takes-all grand prize. Active participants may also choose to become sales captains.



Direct cash gifts are the most common form of giving. Your donation can be unrestricted or designated for a specific project or program. Gifts may be made by check or credit card and are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Donate Online:

Making a gift to CFR online is quick and safe, using our website link, Authorize.Net. Donating through Authorize.Net provides the latest security features to insure that the information you send across the Internet cannot be read by others.

Matching Gifts:

Double or even triple your gift to Center for Return! More than eight thousand companies offer varying levels of corporate matching for their employees' philanthropic interests.

Scheduled Donations:

Become a monthly donor and contribute on an ongoing basis by automatic bank withdrawal, credit card or post-dated check.

Sponsorship and Naming Opportunities:

Make a donation that will sponsor a specific program or name a project in memory of an individual.

Make a Gift of Stock:

Making a gift of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) to CFR is easy, and has special tax benefits for the donor.

Make an Introduction:

Introduce us to a business associate, family member or friend.


Planned Giving:

Leave a legacy for the Jewish community by putting CFR in your will, life insurance, retirement plans or by giving property.

Legacies and Wills

We urge our friends to remember Center for Return when making their wills or when assisting someone making their will. Often a word at the right time will lead a person to leave a bequest or make a memorial contribution.

Leaving a financial legacy for Center for Return is an act that assures Jewish continuity, a powerful expression of responsibility by the living for the Jewish people. Good deeds do live after you. Your example will serve as an ongoing inspiration to your descendants, friends and community.

When you draw up your will, please remember to include Center for Return with these words:
“I herby give, devise and bequeath to Center for Return, having its offices at
8535 117th Street Jamaica, NY 11418, the sum of $____________________________

Confidentiality Guaranteed.

Center For Return is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization; all contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

Last updated on: 10/23/2020
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