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"I now attend the TorahLunch class on a regular basis. I always leave feeling that I know more about Judaism than I did the day before."

Testimonials - I am CFR

"CFR is an invaluable resource in the workplace for observant Jews to direct their interested, but less knowledgeable, colleagues" RON SCHLANGER
Senior Vice President, Mutual of America

"The class left me with one concern. What did the rabbi expect from me? After all, CFR is giving me a free lunch and pleasant discussion, but I'd feel a little guilty if the rabbi defined success by my greater observance. We had a conversation early on that set the 'ground rules' for expectations, and I relaxed.

I enjoy the classes for whatever discussion of the weekly Torah portion we can get to, but even more, for the tangential discussions that ensue. I leave the class with my skepticism intact, a little wiser, and with a greater appreciation for the wisdom our forebears passed onto us. "
Independent Financial Contractor


"The CFR Torah class helps me find answers to questions and is allowing me to discover the knowledge that was kept from us by the Soviets.

Previously, my knowledge of Judaism could be summarized as: Jews have been persecuted throughout history. Today, I am discovering the beauty and deeper meaning of Torah. "

Computer Analyst - Barclays


"The class is clearly aimed at those Jews who are not yet fully observant, though everyone who attends benefits from it.

I had a limited Jewish education growing up, yet where I live now everyone is religiously observant. There are certain questions that I might be ashamed or embarrassed to ask my rabbi back home. The class gives me an opportunity to ask the CFR rabbis my basic questions about Judaism. No question is too elementary or out of bounds"

Software Analyst, Goldman Sachs


"I like the whole “gestalt” of the class. I just like the fact that it is happening; it’s more important than the particulars of what is being taught. It’s like a little miracle all by itself.

The group is a varied and diverse. Some people are lost because they don’t have a strong Jewish background.

In Israel I felt part of the community of the Israeli nation. But in America, and especially where I live in Park Slope, I don’t have that feeling that I’m connected with the Jewish people. This class gives me that feeling and that connection"

Real Estate Manager


"I was curious about Judaism, Jewish history and everything this encompasses.

I continue to come to the class because I really enjoy the atmosphere. I find everything in the class very interesting. I understand Judaism a lot more than before. I have a different perspective on it."

Computer Analyst, Goldman Sachs


"he dedication and commitment of the CFR staff is an amazing allocation of personal human resources and personal involvement to help even one Jew.

This level of devotion and sincerity cannot but have an impact."

Vice President, Goldman Sachs


"It has been very fulfilling finding out more about Judaism with the help of knowledgeable and accommodating scholars of the extended CFR family.

I am looking forward to continue the exploration of my heritage with the help of Center for Return."

Systems Analyst, Cevitex Corp


"The CFR rabbis are amazing, combining adherence to Jewish law, a deep passion for Torah learning, along with an immense love towards their fellow Jews, regardless of the student's knowledge, or personal level of observance.

I believe that every Jew working in Manhattan owes it to himself, as well as his ancestors and future descendants, to get involved with CFR programs. A small step, week after week, brings us closer to reclaiming our collective heritage and living a more meaningful life."

IT Specialist, Bloomberg<


"I was looking for a way to meet other like-minded, young Jews, who shared my interest in understanding Judaism on a deeper level.

Because of my involvement with CFR, Judaism has come alive and I now feel connected to my Jewish roots."

Early Childhood Teacher


"I have become a regular fixture at the classes. I find myself arguing obscure points of Torah law or custom, many of which I never knew existed. Class discussions range from the portion-of-the-week, to upcoming holidays, kashrut to... whatever. Lively give and take creates an atmosphere of excitement that is truly thought provoking.

I’ve recommended CFR to my Jewish colleagues because it conveniently offers an opportunity to connect with our history and helps forge a Jewish future."

General Counsel, Computer Generated Solutions, Inc


"Since that first class, CFR has been a wonderful resource for me; they opened up the world of Torah learning. In the past, when I tried to learn on my own it was overwhelming; thousands of Jewish books and I had no idea where to begin.

Center for Return has allowed me to explore my Jewish roots without any pressure. Their no-strings-attached friendship, patience and true concern have made all difference in my life."

Computer Analyst, Barclays


"CFR gives a Lunch & Learn class right at my place of work and I am delighted to attend. The classes are a terrific Jewish educational resource with a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

I come weekly looking to learn about and share in the knowledge and wisdom of my heritage."

American Express


"For a while already I wanted to pursue Jewish learning but didn’t know how to juggle school, internship, full time work and then a family. The Lunch & Learn right at my office door run by CFR is an amazing opportunity for me."

Performance Analyst, Credit Suisse


Last updated on: 11/26/2020
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