TorahLunch Classes

Weekly classes are conducted at an ever-growing number of workplace locations with a light deli lunch served. Classes typically focus on the Torah portion of the week, with generous segments of the class devoted to basic Jewish philosophy, theology and law. After-hours classes are available for traders and others as well.

Tutorials - Private & In-Home

Jewish education is a continuing commitment for persons of all ages. We understand how difficult it can be to fit serious learning into your busy schedule; that's why we offer private tutorials (on the phone, is fine) and in-home sessions, which allow you (and your family) an opportunity to become literate Jews.

Shabbat & Jewish Holiday Celebrations

Throughout the year, Shabbat and the Jewish holidays are unique opportunities that allow us to take a break from our ordinary lives and enter "spiritual time". The holiday celebrations come alive at CFR with enriching (and fun) programs the entire family will enjoy. Rejoice with us as we unite with our Jewish heritage.

Shabbat & Jewish Holiday Classes

Learn how and why we celebrate the Shabbat and Jewish holidays; we focus on a variety of aspects concerning both Biblical holidays and rabbinic commemorations. Historical background, customs, practices and relevant laws are discussed and explained. Acquire the skills that will allow the holidays to be observed with greater insight and knowledge.

Guest Lectures

Experts in various areas of Jewish life are asked to lecture in their specialty. Examples of topics covered include Scribal Arts, Tefillin, Business Law, Medical Ethics, and Scientific challenges to the Bible. Jewish Life Cycle areas such as: Birth and Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, Divorce and Jewish Burial and Mourning, are covered as well.

One-on-One Learning

Would you like to study a specific topic in Jewish law, ethics, philosophy, history? We can arrange a learning partner (chavrutta) for you. Please call the office at 718-849-6787.

Crash Course in Hebrew

A complete Hebrew reading course from Aleph to Tav, students can go from zero Hebrew knowledge to basic reading skills in just a few short weeks.


Last updated on: 11/26/2020
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