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The Shabbos Project - Keeping it Together, as described by Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein, chief rabbi of South Africa, was a mass effort for the country’s Jews to embrace their heritage with a traditional Shabbos observance lasting from sundown on October 11th until nightfall on October 12th.

The event began with on Thursday evening with 3,000 women and girls gathering to make their own challah at the Great Street Challah Bake, according to Laurence Horwitz of Mama, a creative agency that was involved in coordinating The Shabbos Project.

According to Horwitz practically every Shul in South Africa ran programs and dinners as part of The Shabbos Project, whose goal was to turn people on to Shabbos observance not by giving them a small taste of Shabbos but by immersing them completely in an entire Shabbos with all that it entails.  Horwitz credited South Africa’s many rabbis for doing their part to share the beauty of Shabbos.

 “It was one of the most incredible moments that I have ever been privileged to witness in my life,” said Shlomo Katz, an Israeli performer who flew in to perform at a free Havdala concert.  “The simplicity of the outreach and the achdus were amazing. There were no gimmicks, no ulterior motives besides the yidden of South Africa keeping Shabbos together.” 

Last updated on: 07/09/2020
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