23. Chapter 8h: Jewish Geography: What is my best opportunity to view Shabbos?


What is my best opportunity to view Shabbos?

          As we've already noted, it is the religious laws of Shabbos, which create the beauty and pleasure of the day. It is, therefore, imperative that the beginner find a Shabbos observant family who keep those laws, with whom to spend Shabbos.

          In addition to experiencing the "real thing", there are several other important benefits that can be gained spending Shabbos with an observant family.

          Firstly, it is certainly the most effective means of learning.  Observation and first hand experience are indispensable tools in acquiring working knowledge of any kind; Judaism is no exception.  One can study for months the details of myriad Shabbos laws and still not be as certain about them; watching them being done properly just one time brings clarity and understanding.  It is crucial to see how Jewish law is observed to be assured knowledge learnt is properly applied.

          Secondly, it is also important to spend Shabbos with a family for the social benefits.  While there is great importance attached to personal reflection on Shabbos, it is also meant to be a time for happiness and sharing.  It is necessary to interact with other Jews and to share the beauty of Shabbos with people you feel close to.  Judaism is intended to be observed with others, not in solitude.  Much of the joy of Shabbos comes from the time you can spend with people you care about; a luxury our hectic, fast paced society, rarely affords us the rest of the week.

          Thirdly, it's important as a beginner to be able to experience the different customs of Shabbos and Judaism.  For many people who didn't grow up observing Shabbos in their own homes, it's essential to see how different families celebrate.  They can then determine how they will one day conduct Shabbos with their own families, incorporating what they've experienced at the homes of others.

          Finally, if you’re foolish enough to stay at home by yourself and attempt to keep the myriad laws of Shabbos by referring to a “Laws of Shabbos” book, know that you are doomed to failure; you’re guaranteed to extract all the joy and beauty from the Shabbos experience.  Needless to say, it is not recommended.

          Now that you're convinced of the necessity of experiencing Shabbos with a family, let us present you with some basic information and a few simple rules to follow to help insure your Shabbos experience will be enjoyable for both you and your hosts.




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