14. Chapter 7a: What Books And Materials Are Available For Me? The Basics


Chapter 7: What Books And Materials Are Available For Me?

          It's impossible to tell what will spark a person's interest, therefore, it would be wrong to give a "don't read" list of books, You obviously have had your interest sparked already and are probably seriously motivated to really learn about Judaism.

          Our advice to you is: read some serious books about Judaism, and not for example: Portnoy's Complaint or Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. These books may be written by Jews or about Jews but they have nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism.

          Please take note that as a beginner you probably think of only one book associated with the religion: the Bible, consisting of the Five Books of Moses, Prophets, and Writings.

          What you will soon learn is, scholarly Judaism centers around learning from a vast and awesome body of Torah literature.

          We recommend you divide your reading list into two groupings.

First group:  The Basics

•    To Be A Jew - Hayman Donin – a basic overview of traditional Judaism’s laws and customs

•    This is My God - Herman Wouk – a personal odyssey of discovery by one of America’s greatest author’s

•    Think Jewish - Zalman Posner – what a 35 century old tradition can tell the 21st century

•    The Real Messiah? - Aryeh Kaplan – A Jewish response to missionaries

•    Permission to Believe – Lawrence Kelemen – four rational approaches to God’s existence

•    Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism – Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin – an introduction to Judaism by examining its relevance and meaning

•    The Road Back – Mayer Schiller – a personal discovery of Judaism with a history of Jewry for the past 300 years




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