Torah Thinkers Forum:

Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the “Torah Thinkers Forum”?

The purpose of the “Torah Thinkers Forum” is to create a virtual classroom for those CFR members who would make both a positive contribution and receive benefit by their involvement.


2. What topics will be discussed?

Topics which would normally not be broached in the regular classes will be dealt with. As an example, we may raise social and political issues which we usually do not discuss in the classes. Some things might be very provocative – we feel comfortable sharing them with this group.



3. How does one get to participate in the Forum?

Membership in the Forum group will be by invitation only.

After being invited you will asked to register on our website and to post a brief bio and a recent picture that will be seen with your comments. This will help other members of the group to relate the face to the name. If you encounter any difficulty in registering, please call the CFR office at 718-849-6787.


4. Who is invited to participate and become a group member?

Only those who have participated in CFR classes and/or programming over several months are eligible. The number of participants is limited to 50.


5. Must I participate in every discussion?

You are not required to participate in every discussion but membership in the “Torah Thinkers Forum” will be cancelled if there is no posting by a member for two consecutive months.

Since the Forum membership is limited to 50 people new participants can only join a) when a spot becomes available and b) if the moderators feel an individual’s membership would be beneficial to the forum.


6. What is the format of the discussion on the Forum?

Twice monthly i.e. on the 1st of the month and the 16th of the month CFR Rabbis will post a topic/idea/issue on our website. For a few days you will have the opportunity to respond. We will then post what we feel is the Torah approach to the topic – and again ask for your thoughts.

The blog will be moderated. Participant’s responses are expected to be focused and on topic. No derailment of the current topic will be allowed.


7. Can any member post anything to the Forum?

The Forum will be moderated. Participant’s responses are expected to be focused and on topic. No derailment of the current topic will be allowed. No participant may post an article or start a discussion of a different topic.

We expect appropriate decorum from Forum members.


8. Can one suggest topics?

Yes. To suggest topics you may be interested in discussing, call our office at 718-849-6787 (do not post on forum) and, if at all possible, we will be delighted to accommodate.


9. Will anyone be able to see posted comments on the Forum?

No. Only the 50 Forum members will be able to see the blog and post comments. No-one from outside is able to post or even see the discussion.


10. Will anyone from outside be able to see who are the members of the Forum?

No, absolutely not. It is a totally private members-only group.


Last updated on: 10/21/2019
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