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This past Shabbat (Parshat Tzav) we hosted 10 guests for lunch (thanks, Iris for all the hard work), including four young men, two of whom are Americans learning in Yeshivot in Jerusalem. Also,we were honored to have among our guests two young Lone Soldiers (those who don't have families in Israel to help them), who are in a program (Hesder) for those who learn Torah part time and also serve in the Israeli Army (the IDF); they had just been inducted this past week. One of them, Ezra, hails from Seattle, and the other, Ami, from London. 

I put aside my original Dvar Torah (written in my last email/blog), and told over a Dvar Torah that I had read the day before from the Ateret Cohanim organization., as follows:

IN 1981, the Lubavitcher Rebbe had written a letter about Parshat Tzav that followed Purim, and was taking place in the year after Shmittah, just like this year.

The Rebbe stated that the word Tzav, which normally means "command," was interpreted by Rashi to mean "urging on for the present and for future generations." (See Siftei Chachamim for an explanation of how Rashi derived that explanation.)  

Purim, which is a holiday that will last through the generations, was predicated on Esther's call to "gather all the Jews" to pray on her behalf. 

The year after Shmittah is one in which all Jews are commanded to fulfill the Mitzvah of Hakhel, gathering together in the Beit Hamikdash on Sukkot to hear the King read from the Torah.

So, in combination, this is a period of uniting together through the Torah to insure that Jews will be celebrating throughout the generations.

I also added (as per the article I read), that Jerusalem is a city that was never divided among the Tribes, but was rather a place of unity, where Jews gathered three times a year on the Festivals.

We too, as well as our guests, were joining together in Jerusalem, on Parshat Tzav, the day after Purim, In the year after Shmitta.

We were privileged to have with us young men who were coming from far away to protect the Jewish people both physically and spiritually. 

Through the inspiring efforts of these young men, and the unity of the Jewish people, we can be certain that Jewish celebrations will continue throughout the generations.   

Also, I would like to bring to the attention of all who are reading this, that Lone Soldiers have an especially difficult time before Passover buying all the food and supplies they need when they are off base, which they are for all Holidays and for Shabbat. To that end, I and others who volunteer at the Lone Soldier Center have been working on a campaign to raise funds to provide these brave young men and women with vouchers to help in this effort.


If you would like to help, please visit . Thanks in advance for your support of this effort.




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