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We are Fulfilling a Prophecy


This past Shabbat, the Parsha we read was Behar (outside of Israel, this week Behar/Bechukotai will be read). The Haftorah that was read was very meaningful to me, and especially since those living outside of Eretz Yisrael will not hear it read this year (the Haftorah of Bechukotai will be read instead), I thought it would be very appropriate to bring its message to everyone's attention. 

The Haftorah is from Sefer Yirmiyahu, Perek 32. The prophet Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) relates that Hashem told him that his cousin Chanamel was coming to visit him to sell him a field. And indeed Chanamel arrived to sell the field, and Yirmiyahu realized that it was Hashem's desire for him to purchase it. He wrote up a bill of sale, had witnesses sign it, and paid Chanamel for the field. He sent the bill of sale to his disciple Baruch ben Neriah, and instructed him that it was Hashem's order that Baruch should seal the document in an earthenware container so that it would last for a long time.

 What was so special about this purchase that it was part of a prophecy that was written down for generations to come to learn about it?

The context of the purchase is that it took place as the Babylonians were attacking from the north, laying waste to the countryside, and were soon to march on to Jerusalem to destroy the city, set the Holy Temple on fire, and send the country's inhabitants into exile. I can imagine that Yirmiyahu's cousin Chanamel, like many others, were fleeing for their lives and looking to raise needed cash any way they could in order to pay for their journey,

A rational person would laugh at Chanamel's offer to sell his field. In a matter of days that field, like many others in the country, would be valueless as it was set on fire and destroyed by the invading forces. Why would anyone purchase such a worthless property?

But Hashem had a different purpose in mind. He wanted Yirmiyahu to show everyone, by the fact that he was buying the field, that indeed it would eventually be a valuable  piece of property. As the Pasuk says a little while later in that chapter, "Houses, fields, and vineyards will yet be bought in this land."

Hashem was telling everyone that one day the Jewish people would return to their land from exile, and would repopulate and rebuild their cities, farms and vineyards. We who are living in Israel today are fulfilling that prophecy! Every one of us who purchases/rents apartments in Israel and goes shopping to buy fruits, vegetables and wine/grape juice is living proof that Hashem fulfills his word to the prophets. And those who are not (yet) privileged to live here also help by their support of the people living here, whenever they purchase products that were produced here, or send monetary support to individuals or institutions here.

A month or so ago I was on a bus heading north to tour the Galil. The tour guide was telling a story and mentioned the Jews longing for Moshiach. An old man towards the front of the bus scoffed and said out loud 'My grandfather waited for Moshiach and he didn't come, my father waited for Moshiach and he didn't come, and you expect me to wait for Moshiach as well?'. I was seated too far away from that old man, but I wanted to grab him by the shoulders, shake him, and say 'Wake up and look around! Hashem prophesied that we would return and rebuild the country. You can see with your own eyes that the prophecy has come true! How can you disbelieve another of Hashem's promises that we hear every Shabbat Hagadol as written in Malachi 3 "Behold! I will send you Eliya the Prophet, before the great and awesome day of Hashem!".


May we all merit to greet Eliyahu as he pronounces that Mashiach has finally arrived - speedily in our day!




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