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22. Chapter 8g: Jewish Geography: Shabbos: Judaism Illuminated


VII.    Shabbos: Judaism Illuminated

          To anyone becoming more involved with Judaism, probably the most valuable experience is Shabbos.  Its proper observance within an appropriate environment provides a uniquely expedient opportunity to appreciate the beauty and sanctity of Jewish life through experiencing it first hand.  Few Jewish experiences offer the beginner as lucid a vantage point from which the beliefs, ideals and values of Judaism are so immediately apparent and so brilliantly illuminated.

          Throughout Jewish history, while Torah learning has been the Jew’s internal engine and life force, Shabbos has been the Jewish family’s fortress, protecting its belief and faith. As the oft quoted saying goes, “More than the Jews have kept the Shabbos, the Shabbos has kept the Jews.” It has proven true throughout all the ages, when the Jews abandoned Shabbos they quickly assimilated into the prevailing dominate culture.

          The Jews’ acknowledgement of Hashem as the Creator and Sustainer upon whom we are totally reliant, as well as our commitment to infusing the material world with holiness and spirituality is all readily perceptible on Shabbos.  In addition, the very laws of Shabbos themselves, which so greatly succeed in shutting out the intrusiveness of the mundane world, make up an ingenious demonstration of how Jewish ideals are clearly manifest through Jewish law.

          The opportunity to glimpse so clearly these attributes of Judaism in such a concentrated way, make an authentic Shabbos experience an absolute "must" for the Jewish newcomer.  In fact, we recommend it as the ideal Jewish experience with which to inaugurate your Jewish expedition.

          Let us proceed to guide you through the Shabbos experience by means of a question and answer approach.




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